Addressing Infrastructure Demands – Data and Digitalisation
22 Feb 2018

Singapore has been collecting data for many years and with the new digitalisation and analytics platforms evolving, it is becoming more important for us to be able to convert our data collected into useful information and analysis. We have to try to encourage new technology and innovation in a traditional sector like construction.


Expand the National Robotics Programme to encourage greater use of robotics, especially in the construction industry.

  • It is very positive to see the Government encouraging the use of new technology and the emphasis of using it in a traditional sector like construction reinforces the message that new technology is the way forward.

Aviation and Maritime Transformation Programmes for companies to develop and use new automation and digital technologies to improve operations in our airports and seaports.

  • Using existing infrastructure to harness the data and optimise the analytics and robotics platform to increase its productivity and sustainability. This is an indication of the shift in the focus of the importance of not only building new infrastructure but also optimise the existing assets, including manpower and deep knowledge skill sets.


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