An added boost to help local enterprises in their internationalisation efforts
8 Feb 2018

A programme to fund multipliers like consulting firms and trade associations to hand-hold local enterprises in expanding their overseas footprint would help boost internationalisation efforts. 

  1. Supporting enterprises to innovate, scale-up and find growth capital is vital to Singapore’s growth plan.
  2. In KPMG’s recent pre-Budget poll, 35% of respondents cited expansion outside Singapore as one of their top 3 business concerns over the next 3 years.
  3. 44% of respondents also indicated that better financial support for internationalisation as one of the top 3 areas in which local businesses required more Government support.

A programme to boost internationalisation could also include provision of co-funding or subsidies given to multipliers who are organising workshops and conferences, or travelling to support identified local enterprises in their internationalisation efforts.

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