Security by design to build a cyber resilient nation

Cyber Security

A safe and secure home for all

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will set up a Home Team Science & Technology Agency by end 2019 to develop science and technology capabilities to support operational needs. The MHA will also help the private security industry be an effective partner to the Home Team.
  • The SMEs Go Digital programme will push SMEs to adopt digital solutions for cyber security and Artificial Intelligence, with funding support available under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

A new definition of ‘threats’

As Singapore journeys towards becoming a Smart Nation through digitalisation, it’s worth noting that going digital widens the surface area for cyber attacks. Budget 2019 has acknowledged that beyond physical threats, malicious cyber activities can disrupt and divide society through cyber attacks, the spreading of falsehoods (fake news) and other means.

More holistic cyber defence

A large aspect of being a Smart Nation is resilience to cyber attacks. Yet, managing cyber risks is an afterthought for many. In fact, there is global shortage of cyber professionals. This is most keenly felt by SMEs, as the cost of employing cyber staff continues to grow unabated.

A Budget that focuses attention and resources to developing the 3 pillars of cyber security – people, processes and tools – will help Singapore develop not just as a Smart Nation, but also as a Safe Nation.

Stronger cyber security needed

MHA should harness technology like Artificial Intelligence and Data and Analytics for cyber security to automate the detection, containment and response to cyber attacks. This will enhance the speed and accuracy of monitoring online forums and social media feeds to detect threats. The Government should provide tiered tax incentives and grants to encourage adoption of strategies such as setting up “three lines of defence”, engaging cyber specialists, and conducting cyber crisis simulations. SMEs should receive grants for staff training to increase knowledge of cyber threats and risks. Initiatives such as Cyber Security Associates & Technologists (CSAT), TechSkills Accelerator, and SkillsFuture should be extended for at least another three years to help improve supply and build a highly-skilled local cyber workforce.


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