More streamlined support for Singapore enterprises
13 Feb 2018

The merger of IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore to form Enterprise Singapore will offer a one-stop platform that addresses the needs over an entire enterprise’s life cycle.

With the merger, the schemes and programmes supporting SMEs can be more streamlined and comprehensive as the new agency will be able to appreciate the differing needs and challenges SMEs are facing, across different industries and at different stages of their life cycle.

We hope that Enterprise Singapore will be able to offer more targeted support:

  • A shift from the “one-size-fits-all” policy approach, to include more granularity in differentiating small local firms in different industries.
  • A policy framework that addresses the various stages in a company’s life cycle, from inception to full-scale operations, to venturing abroad.
  • Productivity-enhancing schemes should be targeted and offered over the entire lifespan of an enterprise, given that productivity push should be continual.

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