Caring for those who helped build Singapore in tumultuous times


Say hello to the new Merdeka Generation Package (MGP)

The new $6.1 billion MGP offers enhanced care for those aged between 60-69 as follows:

  • One-off $100 PAssion Silver card top-up
  • MediSave top-ups of $200 annually from 2019 to 2023
  • Subsidies for outpatient care (i.e. special subsidies at Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) general practitioner and dental clinics, and additional 25% off subsidised bills at polyclinics and public Specialist Outpatient Clinics)
  • Additional MediShield Life premium subsidies (from 5% to 10%)
  • CareShield Life participation incentive of up to $4,000

Care for the ones who helped build Singapore

The MGP aims to provide greater assurance to the healthcare needs of the seniors among us by making it more affordable and accessible, as life expectancy of Singaporeans stands at 84.8 years and is expected to increase.

This package is much more than a demonstration of the nation’s gratitude for these seniors’ contributions to the nation. It is a way to show care for them in their silver years, and will provide them with more peace of mind over future healthcare costs, help them to stay active, and support healthy and purposeful ageing.

Laying the path

With the ageing population, there will be increasing demand for health services. Healthcare providers will need to review their offerings to meet this changing demand.

Given the Merdeka Generation who are in their 60s now, and with life expectancy being 84.8 years, there is a 20-year runway to cater for their healthcare needs. There will be an increase in demand, given the rate of ageing of the population.

Healthcare providers, hence, must leverage on their offerings to meet the increased demand, commensurate with an ageing society.

Proof of continued care

The MGP demonstrates that our Government is thoughtful and responsible in caring for the community and ensuring Singaporeans are able to enjoy quality living by providing greater assurance for their healthcare. As promised in last year’s Budget, the Government has already embarked on strengthening its primary care foundation with more than 300 general practitioner clinics offering holistic team-based care for chronic diseases. The Ministry of Health will also enhance the healthcare infrastructure by opening 12 more polyclinics and four hospitals by 2030.

Encouraging all to take ownership of their health

The MGP is part of the Government’s second social strategy to provide greater healthcare assurance to Singaporeans. It will also be appropriate to allow tax deductions for premiums paid on medical-related health insurance policies by individuals (for themselves or their families). Such tax deductions will encourage individuals to be self-insured and responsible for their own healthcare needs.

It is crucial that every Singaporean plays his or her part in the healthcare ecosystem to nurture a healthy lifestyle and reduce dependence on our healthcare services.


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